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Se x stories

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Se x stories
the name of the main character featured in the magazine.

The magazine ran for 41 issues between February 1934 and March 1939.

1, the, secret Agent X stories were written by more than one author, but they all appeared under the "house name".

2, the first Secret Agent X story, The Torture Trust was written by, paul Chadwick,.

1971, who went on to write at least fifteen others.

Later stories were produced.

Fleming-Roberts (born George Thomas Roberts, Emile.

Tepperman (1899-1951) and Wayne Rogers (pen name of Archibald Bittner (1897-1966).

Contents, character edit, in the stories, the true identity of Secret Agent X is never revealed.

He is a master of disguise, known as "the man of a thousand faces who adopts several different identities in each story.

Although he is a dedicated crime-fighter working undercover for the.

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