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As many as 10,000 people could be working in slave-like conditions in Leicester sweatshops - and that's just a fraction of the overall UK problem.

Sickeningly, such cases are far from rare.

A Home Office report in 2014 estimated there were between 10,000-13,000 victims of slavery in the UK - the 2018 Global Slavery Index puts the true figure closer to 136,000.

Last year, The Sun launched its.

Stamp Out Slavery campaign, run in conjunction with Co-op, to help victims illegally forced to work in car washes, nail salons and farms all over the.

And since the outbreak of the pandemic, the dangers they face have only worsened, as social distancing makes oversight of cases more difficult than ever.

The, sophie Hayes Foundation (SHF a UK charity which helps female survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery, has supported some of Britain's most vulnerable women during the pandemic.

11, campaigners demonstrating against modern slavery in LondonCredit: Alamy "Behind closed doors abusers continue to abuse and move victims around the country to maximise profits says the charity's CEO Red Godfrey-Sagoo.

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