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began peacefully was ended by the police just minutes later.

Theres yelling, theres screaming.

I realize, like, I have to get off of this hill.

I cant breathe at all.

Coughing and screaming Protests have spread across the.S.

After George Floyd was killed while in police custody.

And in some cases, rather than de-escalating, officers responded with force, in violation of their own guidelines on crowd control and the use of less-than-lethal weapons.

That was the case at the protest in Philadelphia, which was documented from all angles by protesters, journalists and even helicopters overhead.

Sirens This wealth of evidence presents a detailed picture of how crowd-control tactics in this case, with pepper spray and tear gas can be misused or even abused, causing injuries and inflaming tensions even more.

Screaming Black lives matter!

Its Monday, June 1, the third day of demonstrations in Philadelphia.

More than a thousand protesters begin marching.

Shortly before.m., some of them enter the I-676 highway.

Theyre disrupting traffic on a major road, and some are vandalizing the area, giving the police cause to intervene.

But we dont see any signs of violence.

The people in front kind of signaled to all the cars to stop, slow down.

The cars were, like, honking in support.

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