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Groped in bus

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Groped in bus
Thompson's final film, it was the last project he and Bronson did togethera long and famed Hollywood collaboration.

2, the word "kinjite" translates to English as "forbidden move hinting at the subject matter.

The movie marks the ninth and final collaboration between Bronson and director.

Beginning with the movie.

Ives in 1976, their partnership spanned nearly thirteen years.

Contents, hiroshi Hada, a Japanese businessman in a troubled marriage, sees a woman being groped in a crowded Tokyo subway.

He is fascinated by the fact that she moans silently, involuntarily orgasms, but does not cry out or let people know she is being sexually molested.

When Hada is transferred to Los Angeles, he has too much to drink at a business party and tries to imitate what he saw by groping a Caucasian school girl while riding a crowded bus.

But unlike the Japanese woman that Hada saw in Japan, the American girl screams.

Hada runs away, but is robbed and beaten by a mugger.

Meanwhile, several innocent Asian men are beaten by bystanders who suspect that one of them is the man who groped the girl.

The girl happens to be Rita Crowe, the daughter of an lapd vice-squad detective,.

Crowe (Bronson an officer with a strong sense of justice, who is very protective of her.

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