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squished into the back of bush taxisaffordable retreats you wont hear about from the comfort of your couch.

Zebrabar, location: near Saint-Louis, Senegal, at this upscale campground, human-size monkeys cross the beach and a resident zebra playfully steals guests belongings.

With a river thats safe for swimming and a deserted ocean beach, Zebrabar accommodates the solo backpacker as well as families with young children, making it a fabulous place to meet travelers from all over the globe.

During the high tourist season around New Year, birders flock to the campgrounds to explore.

National Park Langue de Barbarie.

But from June to September, just a handful of guests are around to relax in the resorts hammocks, paddle kayaks across the river, and gather for three-course dinners at the waters edge.

Website: t, cost: 13/night for a single bungalow with shared bath, 19/night for a double.

Currency: West African CFA franc, language: French.

Swiss owners also speak English and German.

Getting there: Taxi from Saint-Louis (30 minutes tip: If youre not a bird watcher, go in the off season (June to September) to have things all to yourself.

Location: near Cape Coast, Ghana, backpackers and volunteers in Ghana talk about Green Turtle as though it were the very definition of paradise, which it might well be compared to some of the countrys other accommodations.

This is a true getaway from the hustle of Ghanas cities, and since it revolves around environment- and community-oriented tourism, theres no need to feel guilty for lounging here for days on end.

Visit nearby fishing villages, canoe through mangroves, and stroll the beach looking for the sea turtles that nest here between October and March.

The highlight of the day?

When the cook posts the menu.

From coconut fish curry to jam on homemade bread, the food is cheap a few dollars for a meal and tasty.

Website: m, cost: 4 for a tent, 5 for a dorm bed, 20 for a double chalet with shared bath.

Currency: Cedi, language: English, getting there: Bush taxi from Cape Coast (several hours).

Tip: If its raining, pass on the tent and spring for a bed instead.

Book one from within Ghana by text message, since cell service is spotty at the resort.

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