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Community, "Anthropology 101 it seems whenever cats and dogs are paired together, the dog will almost always be male while the cat will almost always be female.

The cat will be sassy, intelligent, but occasionally cruel and.

The dog will be crude but kind.

Often their owners will be the same sex as the animals.

Ergo, women will be cat people and men will be dog people.

Even if they're not contrasted with another species of animal, strangers will tend to assume by default that dogs are male especially large or intimidating breeds and cats are female.

So widespread is this trope that a common misconception among children is that all dogs are male, and that all cats are female.

This trope could be due to the way dog's bodies are shaped and the way cat's bodies are shaped.

Dog's bodies have big chests and small bellies and they tend to look more muscular.

Cats bodies have small chests and they look rounder and curvier.

Dog faces also tend to be either blocker or narrower and more angular (giving them a sharper, "rugged" look while cats usually have more delicate features (making them look "prettier.

Another feature playing part is this trope is the sounds they make: dogs growl and bark in a deep, masculine voice, whereas cats make high-pitched, thus feminine "meow" sounds.

Speaking of inversions with the owners; if a male character owns a cat, it's often a sign of shared personality, say eccentricity, or intelligence level (thus masculine/catlike).

If a woman owns a dog, it's often a sign of shared emotional bonds (thus feminine/doglike).

Large wild cats are less likely to fall into this trope than domestic cats are, since they are seen as powerful and aggressive and therefore masculine.

Similarly, certain breeds of dogs, mostly small or showy ones like Chihuahuas or poodles are frequently depicted as female or being owned by women due to their association with fashion and beauty.

See also, cat Girl and, gender Equals Breed.

Often a case of, huge Guy, Tiny Girl.

Species Equals Gender and, cat/Dog Dichotomy.

Compare to, men Like Dogs, Women Like Cats for another way gender stereotypes are used when it comes to dogs and cats.

Examples and downplays: open/close all folders Advertising 1970s commercials for Purina Puppy Chow used the jingle, "Don't treat your puppy like a dog-dog-dog, feed him Puppy Chow while Kitten Chow had, "Don't treat your kitten like a full.

The adverts for Animal Friends Pet Insurance feature a claymation female cat and male dog.

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