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Ahsoka tano nude
years later fighting the Empire in Disney XD's.

Ahsoka became fan favorite among youngsters who watched the Clone Wars, so fans wondered about the animated warrior's ultimate fate.

This exclusive video delves into the behind-the-scenes workings in getting the former Padawan back on screen, from Filoni figuring out where she could fit into the ongoing story to voice actress Ashley Eckstein getting the call she'd voice Ahsoka once more to the.

Star Wars faithful who embraced her return.

"I want to know where she is, what she's been doing all of these years, where she's going Eckstein told USA today earlier this year.

"It's natural Ahsoka's going to have several questions and she's going to want to figure things out so I look forward to going on that journey with her.".

Ahsoka was revealed as the mysterious hooded informant codenamed "Fulcrum" in the first-season finale.

Rebels in March, and she takes on a mentor role with the crew of the Ghost when the show comes back with a one-hour second-season premiere on June 20 (9.m.

Yet another old, clone Wars co-star is back, too, in a way: Ahsoka's former friend and mentor Anakin has been twisted and transformed into the evil Darth Vader, setting up what could be an emotional confrontation sometime in the future.

"She comes with a tremendous amount of galactic baggage Filoni said.

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