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Eva greensex

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Eva greensex
centuries, looking impeccably made up and styled.

For her life in the early 1970s, she boasts lipstick the color of stage blood, imperiously dyed-blond hair, and impeccable pale skin.

But as she struggles with her long-ago ex-lover and current vampire, Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp her desperation mounts, and her faade begins to crack like porcelain.

This character could easily be turned into a hateful caricature; shes the villain of the film, an embittered literal witch who curses Barnabas with vampirism when he spurns her for another.

But Angelique has such melancholy grandeur that her visible fracturing generates real pathos even as she staggers around like a vengeful ceramic zombie, losing pieces as she wreaks havoc upon the Collins household.

The china-doll effect is not subtle, but it reaches a vivid, visual memorability rarely achieved by, say, most cinematic-universe supervillains.

Advertisement, this image is attributable to Greens charismatic performance, some first-rate makeup and computer effects, and director Tim Burton.

Strangely, it may be the presence of Burton that accounts for how little affection most movie-watchers have for an uneven but stylishly nutty picture like.

Burton has been making feature films for about 35 years, and his work has long since descended into empty, self-parodic signifiers of what used to make it so original and excitingor at least thats what a lot of the internet has to say about.

Burtons reputation in some circles has diminished to the point where his new live-action-ish remake.

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