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in all areas of life that aren't considered "polite" to talk about.

Since real life isn't polite, this is absolutely necessary.

Celestial Sex is here for anyone who grew up in a religious or otherwise repressive environment when it came to sex and needs to talk it out.

Host Chris Duce understands this firsthandhe was raised Mormon and spends a lot of the show reflecting on his upbringing and his relationship with growing.

These days, he also brings on guests who he interviews about their experiences, all in the same realm.

Listen, guys We F!D, this podcast, hosted by comedians Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher, lets you be a fly on the wall for the raunchier, weirder reincarnation.

Sex and the City.

On the show, Hutchinson and Fisher discuss their own sex lives (hilariously, we might add) and even bring some of their conquests on as guests.

Listen, dying For Sex, nikki Boyer created this popular Wondery podcast about her friend Molly, and how her cancer diagnosis inspired sexual adventures to help her feel alive.

If you're looking for a show that's about sex, but not just about sex, this is a must-listen.

Listen, girls Gotta Eat, ashley Hessentine and Rayna Greenberg brilliantly combine two of the best things in the worldfood and sexin this witty, often raw show about dating in the modern age.

The hosts tackle truly relevant topics for anyone in the social media dating scene, from micro-cheating to how to know if you're being benched and more.

Foreplay, if you want informative, straight talk about sex with no punches pulled, allow yourself to binge the back catalogue.

Foreplay Radio, hosted by sex therapist Laurie Watson and couples counselor George Faller.

The show covers everything from kinks and festishes to trauma and sex shaming.

Listen, we Gotta Thing, curious about the swinger lifestyle?

We Gotta Thing, married couple, identified only.

Jones, openly (and, fair warning, explicitly) discuss their experiences in the swinging lifestyle.

Listen, seek Treatment, friends and comedians Catherine Cohen and Pat Regan host this insanely funny podcast.

Every week, they invite "a non-boring guest to dish the dirt on living, laughing, and yeah.

Loving." Episode titles range from Famous Celebrities Always in Relationships to Jerk Off and Say Ur Ambitious.

Listen 51 First Dates, kimmy Foskett was challenged by her therapist to break her bad dating habits by going on 100 first datesand the 51 First Dates podcast was born.

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