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19 in honour of Nero Claudius Drusus and Germanicus either side of the.

Temple of Mars Ultor in the Forum of Augustus, in honour of their German campaigns.

The, arch of Germanicus is an ancient Roman arch.

Saintes, Charente-Maritime in France.

It was built in 18 or 19 by a rich citizen of the town (then known.

Julius Rufus, and dedicated to the emperor.

Tiberius, his son, drusus Julius Caesar, and his adoptive son, germanicus.

It has two bays and was originally sited over the terminus of the Roman road from.

On the proposal.

Prosper Mrime in 1843 it was moved fifteen metres during works on quays along the river, and it was restored in 1851.

Contents, inscription edit, dedication edit, arch of Germanicus, right next to Paule's place, is this very impressive Roman Arch.

The dedicatory inscription on the attic (.

CIL, xIII, 1036, inscriptions Latines des Trois Gaules, 148) is heavily worn in the area naming the emperor Tiberius and is son Drusus.

The dedication to his nephew and adoptive son, Germanicus, is better preserved and not only allows the arch to be dated to 18 or 19 but also gives it its usual name: germanico caesari TI(berii) AUG(usti) F(ilio dIVI AUG(usti) NEP(oti) divi iuli pronep(oti).

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